The Best Yoga Mats for Schools

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Ideally, yoga within a school takes place with each child having access to an individual Yoga mat.

Not only does this optimise a child's personal practice by limiting distractions but as opposed to other activity mats Yoga mats are designed for, well for Yoga and as such are designed to fully support the needs of the practice. Of course if Yoga mats aren't an option for a school then comprises can be made, most commonly by using blue PE mats. However, these mats aren't long enough to support older children lying in relaxation, are fairly slippy making poses such as Downward Facing Dog more difficult and are very cushioned which can make balancing hard. Advance notice to your Yoga teacher that you are using these types of mats will be much appreciated and will help them plan a class most suitable to the equipment available.

Yoga mats are long rectangular, narrow width mats which offer enough space and support for the whole body lying supine in relaxation. The surface material offer the perfect amount of support, not too slippy not too textured and the thickness of the mat provides just enough cushioning for the joints when needed but not to be so cushioned they make stable or balancing poses even more challenging.

Yoga Matters - 12 mats £145

Ekotex Yoga - 12 mats £162

Davies Sports - 5 mats £57.72

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