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Yoga Class

Sharing the Yoga Buzz!

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Engaging and exciting yoga classes for children aged 2-11years. 

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About Yoga Bee

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Yoga Bee was established in 2021 by children’s yoga teacher Joanna Crawford.


Joanna began practicing yoga in 2014 and as her personal practice grew it became clear very quickly just how beneficial regular yoga practice can be for our physical bodies and mental clarity. The practice of yoga is a hugely positive element in  Joanna’s daily life and it was this which provided the impetus to train as children’s yoga teacher and begin sharing the yoga buzz with local children. 

Yoga Qualifications

40hr Teaching Children's Yoga, 4-11yrs, March 2021

40hr Toddler and Pre School Yoga Teacher Training, September 2021

Dance and other Qualifications

Joanna is also a dance teacher  with over 17 years teaching experience in nursery schools, primary schools, community settings and within her own dance school, JC Dance. She holds a first class honours degree in Dance Education from the Royal Academy of Dance and is a qualified teacher with the RAD and ISTD.

Joanna is a level 3 Paediatric First Aider and has up to date Safeguarding and Prevent training. 

What's the Yoga Buzz?

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Completing a class and feeling energised yet calm, happy and content! But how?

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Yoga offers children the opportunity to attend to both their physical and mental wellbeing. Poses  improve fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination whilst reinforcing a sense of commitment, resilience and determination… the poses are not all easy and some take lots and lots of practice!

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Yoga teaches us the importance of breath. Through yoga, children are taught a variety of techniques  that they can take beyond the class and use when they are feeling tired, upset or angry.

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Each yoga class ends with relaxation; sometimes brief, sometimes longer but always an opportunity to just be, to absorb and process the class completed and pause for a moment of rest… in the fast paced day in the life of a child,  the relaxation is a much loved part of class!

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A place to belong. Yoga is a non competitive, non  judgmental activity. Ideally, yoga within a school takes place with mats placed in a semi circle or circle - social, equal formations for all pupils to see, be seen and feel equal.  Yoga Bee lesson plans include layers which invite discussion and reflection and help children seek a better understanding of themselves and others. Yoga Bee lesson plans also include “community” activities –  activities which help to reinforce a class connection  and team ethic as well as reinforce wider themes such as being involved and working together, being appreciative and appreciated, feeling proud.

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Yoga Bee Classes for Primary Schools

Yoga Bee is available for regular, weekly yoga lessons for schools or, one off event days. Lessons can be planned to meet your cross curricular links and themes. A Yoga Bee children’s yoga class includes plenty of real yoga, all delivered in age and developmentally appropriate exciting  ways for children...expect lots of imagery, imagination and story telling!

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Class Structure:


A series of warm up activities, leading from seated to standing


Break down of key yoga poses  for the lesson


Main flow (in the form of an entertaining story for reception – y4)


A little bit of fun!


Breath work




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Yoga Practice

"A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children." 


Harvard Health Blog 2016

Yoga at Home

"The evidence of yoga practice among children indicates improved benefits in concentration, stress alleviation, self awareness, consciousness, self regulation, behavioural and emotional maturity and self confidence in every day life"

Hagen & Nayar

Frontiers in Psychiatry 2014

Women Practicing Yoga

"Children derive enormous benefits from yoga...Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. Yoga brings that marvelous inner light that all children have to the surface."


Yoga Journal